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A Valentine's Day Pledge

A post about celebrating love all around, new family, girlfriends, and more. Sorry in advance for the cheesy-ness about to ensue...

For the past 19 years, I have been single on Valentine's Day- until now. However, this is the first year I'm realizing the true meaning of this albeit commercialized fake holiday, and for what it's worth, we may as well celebrate all the love in our lives if we're going to be bombarded with chocolates, lots of hearts and cheesy cards sayings (I am absolutely guilty of these).

My ~Valentine's Day pledge~ came to me a day ago when talking to my boyfriend, Zach, about me being upset that we're unable to celebrate together (I admit, I live up to the hype around 2/14). He answered me back by telling me we should be celebrate thankful for love everyday-- although to me, it's easier said than done when you have all this February 14th hype around you 24/7.

I pledge to celebrate all love in my life from now on and appreciate it daily. From my boyfriend to my parents to my sorority sisters to my high school friends, all love deserves to be celebrated and cherished. Scroll below to see the people I'm most thankful to have in my life and celebrate THEIR love 24/7 <3


Truly unsure how I found such a gem of a guy. Compassionate, caring, and always supportive-- you inspire me to believe in myself, find my voice, and truly make me a better and more empathetic individual. You treat my family as your own and I could not love or appreciate you more!

~The Fam~

I am so lucky to have my core 8 (including my amazing mom, dad, siblings and PERFECT nana, papa, and my uncle!) who keep me sane most of the time and love me unconditionally.

The best school friends ever

From freshman year until now, there's been so much friend-love in my life and I could not be more lucky to have these gems and I celebrate them everyday. From the halls of my freshman dorm (looking at you @BBB) to sushi dates to nights out ending in Calio's and cuddling, I am so grateful to have these gals who have made my college experience THAT much greater.

Childhood BFFs

From 2nd grade to day camp and beyond, having not ONE but TWO solid groups of friends (camp and school) has been an amazing blessing. As we've gotten older, our plans have progressed from pool parties, days at the beach, to dinners in the city after work on weekdays. I always look forward to Bachelor Mondays at home and late-night cooking/baking sessions @ariel @renee @divya @alex.

The best new family I can imagine


I am SOSOSO thankful for the love that my Boca fam and Ellman clan have showed me by welcoming me with open arms into "Jesse's Gang!" I carry their <3s with me even hundreds of miles away in Syracuse. From Thanksgivings in NJ to holiday times in Boca to watching movies on my favorite big couch with my favorite dogs, the memories are endless- and so much more to come!

The most inspiring girl in the world

Samantha is Zach's cousin and is my personal hero. Her mind-over-matter attitude, superhero strength and her kindness towards others is inspiring on every level. I will never forget her act of kindness towards me when she welcomed me into the family by surprising me with a special pair of slippers that every woman in the family wears.

Sami has been battling a rare form of cancer on and off for eight years and has always been sure to live her life to the fullest. From moving to Bali for 6 months to LA to become a yoga instructor and pre-school teaching, her zest for life is nothing short of amazing. Even as she battles cancer, her energy and love is palpable and I couldn't be more proud to know and love her.

I am so thankful to have all of these inspiring individuals in my life and look forward to loving them through every second of everyday-- Valentine's Day or not!

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